Friday, February 13, 2009

Time away for bliss and fun

This week sure went by quickly, did it not? No matter to me, really; I'm actually elated about the upcoming fun, and time away our family has planned for this weekend.

Both Aaron and Zack are members of a youth fraternity called DeMolay International, a Masonic-sponsored organization. Michael is one of the chapter's Advisors. Tomorrow night is their Valentine's Dance, and all members and advisors are "encouraged" to attend. So Michael and I will be two of several chaperones at the event. I think they'll have a good time (and us too, I suppose). :) It's a dress up affair, therefore I hope to get some pictures to post.

On Sunday, the four of us are going up to Atlanta to spend the night here: for an afternoon and evening of relaxation. They have an indoor pool and even a spa for us to use. Monday we are going over to Stone Mountain Park, which is just 5 minutes away from the hotel. In the park they have an area where we can have lots more fun. Looking at this link,, will give you an idea of our plans. We have never been snow skiing, and I know it's far from the luxury of that, but it will be the next best thing (and lots cheaper!).

Robbie is back at home and doing wonderfully, much better than what the doctor anticipated for her. They were able to burn off the tumors that were on her liver. For now her liver is cancer free. I say *for now* because she is at very high risk for the cancer to return, considering that this is the 2nd time already that her liver has been plagued with the disease. The last time they removed 40% of her liver (do you remember that?) Also, we hope to get results of Michael's biopsy next Tuesday, when his next appt. is scheduled. I'll keep you posted.

I look forward for this family getaway. I'm pretty sure we all do. We have been through the ringer lately, and need some time away desparately. I'll *see* you guys on the flip side.

Happy Valentine's Day! Show your loved ones that you care, not just tomorrow, but every day!

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ViolinMama said...

Post your dressy pics! How was Snow Mountain?

Love the updates!