Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And, the busyness continues!

Hi everyone!

After being gone weekend before last (President's weekend) for the Stone Mountain/Snow Mountain trip, we headed out of town last weekend as well.

Michael graduated from high school in 1986; and the only reunion that the class had thus far was the 5 year. The officers of his class are bound and determined to make the 25 year (which will be 2011) reunion one worth waiting for. Enter Facebook -- and the success of locating a lot of the classmates. That led to the gathering that was last weekend. It ended up being 12 classmates that showed up...but the goal of that meeting was to schedule future meetings to actually organize and plan the big 25 party. They're attempting to work on getting email/phone number lists for the people that have been unsuccessfully found before now. The class was around 120 I think, so even though it's relative a small group, I think they've only located around 50 thus far, so a daunting task of finding the other 70 or so lies ahead of the group.

Anway, we headed to Michael's hometown last Friday, and spent the night with one of his classmates. On Saturday, we spent catching up with old friends. Saturday night we had a dinner meeting to discuss what those future plans consist of. We will meet at least twice a year each year prior to the reunion in 2011. I graduated the year after Michael, but I did not know most of his classmates, because my family had just moved into town prior to the fall of my senior year. It was neat meeting some for the first time, and certainly nicer to see some of them again after 23 years. I'm looking forward to helping Michael plan this event. I think it will be a great thing!

This Saturday, a co-worker and I are running in a 1 mile fun run...not really a race, but an event to raise money for heart disease awareness. She and I are also involved in an office Biggest Loser contest. She and I are teammates, and there are 2 other teams that we are competing against. Right now, we are in 2nd place. We've been working out together pretty consistently 3 to 5 days a week now for over a month. She's getting ready to go to Las Vegas for a girls weekend (April 23 -26), and I've got our 20th anniversary cruise to Cozumel, Mexico coming up (April 25 - 30), so we both have a goal that we're shooting for. Wish us luck. The contest actually ends on my 40th (OMG!) birthday, which is April 17th.

In case some of my readers (do I still have any out there?) aren't on facebook, I'll take this opportunity to mention that Michael's leg surgery has finally been scheduled, and will happen next Wednesday, March 4. Hopefully once he's fully recovered, and we return from our trip he will go full speed ahead into looking for a more stable job, one that has even a hint of benefits. Yes, we are thankful for the one that he has, but we both think that the time has passed for being happy at his current job.

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ViolinMama said...

Hey Sandi!

I'm here! Now as ViolinMama! I'm loving all the updates! I'm reading to get caught up.

Having planned a 10 year reunion, I know the work involved but the payoff is fantastic!!!!

Good luck!!!