Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year, and Happy birthday to my beloved mother!

2007 already? Wow...did 2006 just fly by at an incredibly crazy speed, or is it just me thinking this?

The past year brought about some wonderful changes to our lives, the first (February) was discovering what the concerns with Zack and his academics were, and finding the right medication to help Zack to succeed (incredibly so!) in school. Also last year, Dh got his much awaited and much deserved promotion in September. Last year also was a couple of near hits on having to pack up and move away from the hometown we've been in for 18 years. Thankfully, for now anyway, we are staying right where we are.

My hope is for 2007 to be an even better year for our family.

I'm having a pretty difficult time these days of being painfully aware that Zack's 2nd year of high school is already half over. Next year at this time, he'll begin to seriously consider what college he wants to attend, and begin taking graduation tests (in Georgia, they begin this process in their junior year).

Today would have been my mother's 67th birthday. How I miss her terribly so, especially at the tail end of the Christmas holidays. Happy birthday, Mom!