Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Now it is Zack's turn to be bragged on...

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I wanted to brag about Zack in my next post, so I wanted to elaborate

When Zack received his first progress report this year, his grades looked something like this:

World History/92
British Literature/80
Algebra II/Pre-Trig/82
Forensics (Debate)/100

When he received his second one, the numbers improved...

World History/96
British Literature/84
Algebra II/Pre-Trig/86
Forensics (Debate)/100

He's currently 2/3 into the last progress report of the current semester, and those B's just keep on rising...

World History/96
British Literature/86
Algebra II/Pre-Trig/90
Forensics (Debate)/100

Can you tell how proud of him I am? Do you recall just last year at this time all the stress we were all under when he got the diagnosis? Do you remember the long, informative email that I sent out regarding the meeting with his teacher(s) and counselor, and how concerned we were? I can honestly say that my son has finally turned over a new leaf. He is maturing into quite the young man. He and other members of the high school math club will be tutoring elementary age children after the start of next semester. He has been invited into the "National Honor Society", where he will be included in the national publication of the same. He has already begun receiving several information pamphlets from several different colleges and universities, and coincidentally, included in those is the University of Rolla (hi Kevin!) in Missouri. His PSAT scores last year were that good. He has recently taken it again. The results will be in the first week of December. I'm anxious to receive those scores to see how much improvement is there from last fall. Comparing to all sophomores, (taking it as a freshman), he scored in the 94% range in Reading, 75% in Math, and 92% in Writing.

In October, we discovered that President Bush would be a special guest at a local Republican rally later during the month. Considering a previous rally that Bush attended cost hundreds/(thousands?) of dollars, when Zack approached me about getting tickets to this one (gratis, I might add) I immediately found out how/when I could pick up tickets, and did so at the earliest hour I could get them. We were able to attend, and Zack couldn't have been prouder to be anywhere. He was all into the candidate that was being pushed. Although Zack (presently) says that his future career is in software/computer engineering, he used to say that he wanted to be an attorney. When he discovered the world's view on the stereotype of this job, he quickly decided against getting into that field. As good as he is as a debater coupled with his keen interest in politics, I still say that he would make an excellent attorney. We can't pick career fields for our kids though, can we? :)

Before I forget, I wanted to mention a trip that DH will be taking the first part of December. And this time, it's a trip of pure and unadulterated leisure. He's heading to the Big Apple...There is a friend of ours whose husband works as a software engineer in NY city during the week and comes home on the weekends, week in and week out; and has been doing so for over a year. As you can imagine, he has built up a high number of sky miles. He has invited Michael (and another of their buddies) to come visit him....using those miles. They plan to go to a play, a hockey game, Central Park and see all the sights that time allotted will allow. I am incredibly envious, but I hope to be able to go on a cruise with his sister and other friends sometime next year.

All in all, things are going very smoothly in our lives, and we are so very richly blessed!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi all! Still living and breathing over here. I hope I still have have a handful of readers out there. ;). DH has been at home every night for the last two and a half weeks, and we've all been enjoying spending time with him. It's been nice!

We'll have family in our home for Thanksgiving from Wednesday through Monday (not all of them at one time)...some will be here in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday; others will be arriving on Friday around lunch time. All will be gone by Monday midmorning.

I hope to get out and do some shopping with some of the female members of the family early Friday morning.

I wanted to wish you all a happy, healthy, safe Thanksgiving! And remember what this holiday is all about. Let's truly be thankful for all we have been blessed with.

P.S. I wanted to say that I'm currently working on my next post (bragging on Zack, and other happenings), and hope to have it published before Thanksgiving.

God bless you all!