Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Of posts to come...

Just so that I have something to help me remember, as well as to keep my reader(s)? coming back, I wanted to put a list here of different subjects about what I want to blog.

- Michael's recovery progress report
- Another surgery ahead?

- Anniversary trip; May 3 - 4

- This never ending allergy crap!!
- Tonsillectomy in my future?

- My future trip to Colorado Springs...alone; May 15 - 19

- Catch up on what's up with Aaron blog entry

- Zack's College search

- Zack's 1st prom, April 26

- Zack's 1st car - finally purchased (the one we looked at way back when didn't work out for us)

Happy Anniversary, my love!

I want to say a BIG “Happy Anniversary” to my wonderful husband. Nineteen years ago today, I was walking down the aisle, at the arm of my dad, toward my life partner, my best friend.

I don’t tell Michael enough how much I appreciate him. We have been through many rough times through the years (these last 8 – ½ months notwithstanding!) but we can always count on each other for never-ending encouragement, love and support.

I love you Michael – more than words can ever say! This poem says so eloquently what doesn’t come so easy for me.

I Love You Because

I love you because of your sweet, gentle, ways;
So, slow to condemn, so quickly to praise.
Encouraging words, with a soft easy touch ...
Just some of the reasons why I love you so much.

I love you because you are honest and strong.
Right here, in my arms, is where you belong.
You hold me, console me, and you are my best friend.
I can't live without you, no need to pretend.

I love you because you light up my days,
Fill my heart and my soul with your sweet loving ways.
I love you because you never pretend.
And if I'm hardheaded, you always give in.

You're so easy to love, so hard to forget;
Faithful and true since the day that we met.
I could search the world over and still never find
A love like yours. You are one of a kind.

I love you because you are quick to forgive
Overlooking my faults each day that I live,
So slow to anger, so quick to respond
To my loving wishes; above and beyond.

Thank you for choosing me to be your wife!